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Our mission is to support Ukrainian refugees in their way of the integration process in Germany by providing them with the opportunity of professional perspective
A perspective for UKRAINE, for EUROPE, for each of US!






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We offer 24/7 dedicated call center support to smooth the initial steps of the integration process as much as we can.


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Our project focuses around the major needs of every Ukrainian who has fled Ukraine – future and stability. Stability is provided thanks to every team member of our team, giving guidance and consulting services to each and every Ukrainian who is looking for support. The future can’t be promising without a secure professional perspective and that’s something we are excited to provide for each of you starting from the moment you arrive.

A social perspective for a better future
A better perspective for our own country
A perspective to stay

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Alla Belikova

Alla Belikova-Shoichet

Alla, a Ukrainian by origin, moved to Germany 25 years ago. She is the founder of the social initiative Perspective.
She would like to help Ukrainians with acquiring a new life (short or long-term) and help with integration by enabling people from Ukraine to find job opportunities in Germany.

Mykhailo Virin

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Mykhailo is a Ukrainian entrepreneur with 10-year experience in the sector of tourism and logistics.

Inna Virina

Inna Virina

Inna is a staff coordinator with vast experience in training and managing employees. She is also an experienced ESL teacher as well as an interpreter.

Manuel Kliese

Manuel Kliese

Manuel, a German with close ties to Norway, is a business development and strategy professional. He supports the Perspective team with strategic guidance, and communication and is motivated to contribute to creating new life horizons for Ukrainians coming to Germany!

Anula  Galewska

Anula Galewska

Anula is an entrepreneur from Poland. She has a vast experience in international exchange programs, tourism, and sustainable development.
Maya Stephany-Daguze

Maya Stephany-Daguze

With more than 25 years of international experience, Maya has been involved in talent acquisition, labour market development and capacity building.


Nelli Konstantinova

Nelli Konstantinova is a journalist, editor and traveler. She studied law, worked as a criminal defense lawyer for 10 years, attended classes in architecture and design at Harvard University, worked as an editor for Vogue, Harpers Bazaar, Elle Deluxe, Conde Nast Traveler. For the last two years she has worked as a PR and creative director of the Novikov restaurant group. Speaks English and Russian.

Andrey Popovich

Andrey Popovich

Andrey has served at the army in Israel. He is a translator (Ukrainian, Russian, German, Hebrew) and a city guide in Berlin

Elena Kryzhanovskaya


Elena has been working in the tourism industry for 10 years with focus on healthcare. She will do her best to support every Ukrainian in the process of arriving.



Sofia is an experienced communication specialist with a background in both business and non-profit organizations, including United Nations. She has close ties with Ukraine and would like to help people fleeing the war to settle down in Europe.


Anastasia is a lawyer and practicing attorney. She arrived in Berlin at the end of July from the Sumy Oblast and immediately joined the project team. Her story resonates with the stories of millions of Ukrainian mothers who left the country to keep their children safe. Anastasia knows from her own experience what it is like to be a refugee. People in the same situation can count on her professional and emotional support: Anastasia is willing to guide them on their way to employment, integration into society and a new, stable life.


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We are supported by our sponsors: our services are free to people arriving from Ukraine. We will deliver impact and progress reports to our sponsors, and most importantly, we will help
them to find and develop new colleagues and employees.

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Our stories

Ukrainian people were always considered hard-working and diligent, bringing commitment and result into what they do. Unfortunately,  they can’t continue their endeavors in their homeland and we are here to accompany them every minute of their way in the situations they are faced with until they can start on their employment journey here in Germany. We are willing to become a reliable long-term partner for all employers, fulfilling the role of an extending hiring arm to the potential candidates.



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